An overview of the schedule for the conference is provided below. Student talks are 20 minutes long and should include time for questions at the end. We suggest you plan a talk that lasts 17-18 minutes and allow 2-3 minutes for questions. For student talks, the one listed on the left will be in Adel 162 and the one listed on the right will be in Adel 164. Additional information:

Friday, March 31
4:00-6:00pm Registration du Bois Ballroom
6:00-7:00pm Dinner du Bois Ballroom
7:00-8:00pm Plenary: Dr. Steve Wilson du Bois Ballroom
8:00-8:15pm Faculty Meeting du Bois Ballroom
8:00-8:15pm Math Club & Moderators Meeting du Bois Ballroom
8:00-9:00pm Problem Contest du Bois Ballroom
Saturday, April 1
9:00-9:20am E. O'Neel-Judy H. Grayer Adel 162/164
9:25-9:45am B. Carr R. Orozco Adel 162/164
9:50-10:10am E. Bidari D. Badaczewski Adel 162/164
10:10-10:30am Break Snacks in Adel Lobby
10:30-10:50am M. Avery A. Medeck Adel 162/164
11:00-12:00pm Plenary: Dr. Kathryn Bryant Cline Library Auditorium
12:00-1:30pm Lunch Hot Spot, University Union
1:45-2:05pm B. Hoogstra M. Gutierrez Adel 162/164
2:10-2:30pm A. Barrientos C. Schmitt Adel 162/164
2:35-2:55pm A. Fortier P. Weisman Adel 162/164
2:55-3:20pm Break Snacks in Adel Lobby
3:20-3:40pm J. Covington J. Urcuyo Adel 162/164
4:00-5:00pm Plenary: Dr. Henry Segerman Cline Library Auditorium
5:15-6:00pm Dinner Adel Lobby
5:15-9:00pm Problem Contest Adel 163
6:00-9:00pm Games & Movie Adel 162/164
Sunday, April 2
9:30-9:50am K. Winseck & E. Martinez N. Gaynor Adel 162/164
9:55-10:15am P. Gonzalez Z. Parker Adel 162/164
10:20-10:40am R. Wood T. Doehrman Adel 162/164
10:45-11:00am Problem Contest Awards and Closing Remarks Adel Lobby
11:00-12:00pm Lunch Adel Lobby