Mathematics & Statistics Seminars
Northern Arizona University

Teaching Seminar

The Teaching Seminar provides an opportunity for professional development focused on the best practices of teaching. It is our hope that all attendees will learn from the expertise of their colleagues and be in a state of continuous improvement in the classroom as an instructor. These talks will be especially helpful to those new to teaching, providing support and useful ideas for their classrooms. The Teaching Seminar meets once or twice a month at 4:00-5:00PM on Thursdays. If you have questions about the Teaching Seminar or are interested in giving a talk, please contact Matt Fahy.

The Department of Mathematics & Statistics takes pride in the overall quality of instruction and the amount of scholarly teaching that occurs. The department is engaged in a number of student-centered initiatives, which you can read about here.

Schedule for Spring 2024

Note that talks are listed in reverse chronological order.

Mathematics Placement: Past, Present, and Future

Date: Thursday, January 25, 2024

Speaker: Matt Fahy (NAU)

Abstract: I will lead a discussion of math placement’s past, present and future: a brief overview of the placement process, how it has changed in recent years, and modifications that might/should/could/better not be considered moving forward.