Mathematics & Statistics Seminars
Northern Arizona University

Mathematics Seminar

The Mathematics Seminar typically meets on Thursdays at 12:45-1:45PM in Adel 163. Any faculty, students, or friends of the department are welcome to attend. Contact the organizers John Neuberger or Dana Ernst or if you have questions.

Fall 2023 Schedule

Note that talks are listed in reverse chronological order.

Some quotients of exterior algebras and Grassmann geometry

Dates: Thursday, September 14; Thursday, September 21

Speaker: Michael Falk (NAU)

Abstract: I’ll give an update on the current state of our project to the classify Orlik-Solomon algebras using 2-isomorphism of hypergraphs, a joint project with Geoff Whittle. There will be an appearance of the (exterior) Stanley-Reisner ring of a simplicial complex. I’ll focus on recent developments that involve the Grassmannian of $p$-planes in $n$-space and linear line complexes.

On Potentials Integrated by Nikiforov-Uvarov Method

Date: Thursday, September 7

Speaker: Lina Ellis (NAU grad student)

Abstract: We discuss basic potentials of the nonrelativistic and relativistic quantum mechanics that can be integrated in the Nikiforov and Uvarov paradigm with the aid of a computer algebra system. This consideration may help the readers to study analytical methods of quantum physics.