Mathematics & Statistics Seminars
Northern Arizona University

Applied Mathematics Seminar

The Applied Mathematics Seminar (AMS) typically meets on Thursdays in the Adel Mathematics Building. Any faculty, students, or friends of the department are welcome to attend. Seminar talks are typically rotated between faculty (and on occasion students or visitors) with research interests related to applied mathematics, widely defined to include almost anything from ordinary and partial differential equations, dynamical systems, nonlinear and linear functional analysis, numerical analysis, optimization, operations research, scientific computing, modeling, and advanced physics.

Spring 2022 Schedule

For Spring 2022 we are meeting from 12:45-1:45 PM via Zoom, until we deem it safe to meet in room 224 of the Adel Mathematics Building.

January 20, February 10: Ryan Kelly, A Birkhoff Polynomial Interpolation Theorem with Applications

February 24: Shafiu Jibrin, Conjugate Gradient Methods

We plan to meet in person, in AMB 224, starting on March 10

March 10: Ye Chen, Statistical Calibration in Epedemiological Forecast
Abstract: Statistical calibration is a method that adjusts the prediction of a model to match the empirical data as close as possible. It is applied in some forecast models to increase prediction accuracy. I will go through the details of a calibration method I used in flu and COVID-19 prediction.

March 24: John Neuberger, Series Solutions to Bessel’s equation and Bessel-like equations

March 31: Seminar cancelled

April 7: John Neuberger, Using the variational method for proving the existence of a sign changing solution to a superlinear elliptic BVP

April 14, 21, 28: Cancelled, due to the many talks by job candidates.